Let's face it, we are in the digital age. Your guests will probably be snapping away with their iphones, so why not create a custom wedding hashtag where you can have all the pictures from the day in one place! Sure, there will be selfies and instagram filters...but you and your guests can scroll through and relive the day. It's always fun to look over and see moments you may have missed before you receive your professional photographs. Have fun when you are creating your wedding hashtag! Get creative with your last names or an inside joke you have together. If you want a wedding hashtag that is unique to you, check and make sure the tag hasn't already been used (which is pretty difficult on Instagram) that way it isn't filled with pictures that aren't even from your wedding.

Need some ideas?

1. Last name "Wedding Day & Date"

2. Both first names "are getting married, getting hitched"

4. Happily "Last Name" ever after "Year"

5. Both last names and the wedding venue

Get creative and make it something easy for your guests to remember, too. Especially create signs somewhere that it will be easily seen by guests. 

Wedding Wire has a wedding hashtag generator that will give you a list of ideas! There's also Happily Ever Hashtagged where you can pay someone to be creative for you. Good luck!