Before you start reading this thinking, why does this girl hate pinterest so much? Let me start out by saying, my name is Ambre and I am addicted to pinterest. For real, I could spend hours while catching up on the latest Netflix marathon scrolling through DIY home projects, fun ikea hacks and of course, some drool worthy recipes.

We were married almost five years ago and that was before pinterest. And you want to know a secret? It was still absolutely amazing without it. With the help of family, friends and some inspirational wedding blogs, we were able to plan our wedding on a budget that was perfectly unique to us. I purchased a dress on clearance (to be honest I would have paid full price, because I LOVED it that much.)

We purchased our decor from craft stores with 50% off coupons and still have birdcages around our house five years later. We had a buffet of our favorite restaurant in San Diego. We made our own aisle runner, which we reupholstered and is our breakfast nook bench seat. Our favors were homemade cookies & sweets my mom baked. We danced and drank our favorite drink (Izzie's) under the stars. People still talk about how fun and beautiful our wedding was and they had no idea the kind of budget we had!

Planning a wedding is no easy feat and every bride knows this. You go from literally just getting engaged to becoming a wedding planner overnight. It’s the excitement of it all, waiting to meet the man of your dreams and finally planning the day you have always dreamed of. But it’s so easy to forget that behind all the details, the wedding day is a celebration of your love and marriage. Often times, these photos have us fantasizing for this “picture perfect” wedding day. We have this false idea that anything else would be less than perfect. The reality is, the wedding in that photo actually had over a $150,000 budget on a winery with a custom built pergola in sunny Southern California. But guess what? Even if your budget is a third of that, held inside a hotel ballroom because it will be raining outside, your wedding will still be just as AMAZING! What’s important to you as a couple? After all, that’s what the day is about...the love you share. Don’t let pinterest hold you back from creating a day that’s uniquely your own.

Dates are filling up quick, so if you wouldn't mind us tagging along documenting your love story...let's chat!