Number One Piece of Advice for Brides Planning A Wedding

Your wedding day hands down WILL be one of the best days of your life. Nothing will compare to the very day, the very moment, when time stands still and your lives are forever changed. Being a bride once myself, the one word of advice for brides I would give is to, cherish. You have to focus on that throughout the day when things go wrong. Yes, your curls might fall out and the flowers may start to wilt, the dress may get dirty and your groom forgot his socks, but just embrace it! None of it matters...the marriage is what truly matters.

Cherish those vows and mean them with every ounce of your soul. There will be ups and downs in life but I promise you one thing: you will never forget those words you shared looking into each other’s eyes, making promises to forever.

Enjoy the time spent getting ready with your girls.  Adore the sweet moments of your Mom seeing her little girl dressed up in a wedding gown. Celebrate the laughter and company of those around you. And treasure the moment you slow dance like Cinderella with your Dad.

But most importantly, bask in the day spent with your new husband. Love each other and cling tightly to the memories created. Your wedding will be perfect, just let the beauty of it all unfold. Trust me, you will hold dear to these moments that changed your lives forever. It's your love story, cherish it.