She now kisses and even makes the kissing sound while doing it. She’s clapping her hands to certain songs and has started the copying phase. A great eater! We’ve been more adventurous trying new foods with more texture and she is loving everything so far. She’s started to do the rocking motion on her knees ready to crawl but still prefers to get around in her walker.

We went to Nevada to visit family and as always just goes with the flow. She didn’t sleep much during the road trip but we had a bunch of things to keep her occupied. We went on a boat for the second time and she fell asleep on it again. I guess it’s the rocking?


Lovevery - She has the activity center but I finally signed up for the toy subscription boxes. She had so many toys given to her when she was smaller and some that were similar to what are in these boxes. I love this company and how they use non-chemical treated toys and the thought and detail they put into everything they make. Reagan has loved all the toys and is learning new ways to use them (like dropping the ball in the container) every day and it’s so fun to watch her. Use this link and get $10 off your first order!

Stacking Cups - She loves to play with these colorful cups and has now discovered she can sing into them and her voice gets distorted. So inexpensive, but fun that lasts a while!

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food - This recipe book has been so helpful and informative with what food is good for developmentally speaking. And it gives so many great recipe ideas on the types of food to mix together!

Baby Walker - She still loves this walker and can get around everywhere, even chasing the cat. Just be careful if you have stairs!!

Baby Bjorn Mini - We’ve still been using this during our travels and going to the aquarium and zoo. She can face out and loves it but when she’s getting tired I can face her in and she goes right to sleep on my chest. It’s good until the 25lb mark.

Nested Bean - We are still using this sleep sack, which I’m convinced has helped her sleep.


It can be summed up as rapid. I want to freeze time at the rate it is going. It seems like once she hit those big milestones, everything else starts following quickly after. I’m already starting to plan her birthday party in just a few months and it has me so emotional!!