Orange County Newborn Photography
Orange County Newborn Photography
Orange County Newborn Photography
Orange County Newborn Photography

A Few Firsts:

We celebrated Easter just a few days after she turned 5 months. I snapped a photo which is easily one of our favorite pictures of her, EVER. You can just see the joy beaming through those eyes and that little smile. She started to sit up and have really good head control so we got her an activity center/jumper and she loves playing in it. She loves the animals, especially petting the cat. We’re trying to work on being gentle but she can’t really contain the happiness when she pets him and accidentally pulls out some fur. He sleeps outside of her room during naps and while I’m feeding her, he’s laying right by my feet - he really loves being around her (both the animals do!)

She moved into her room like a champ and we have been so thankful to have restful sleep. I think she sleeps so much better without hearing us toss and turn throughout the night. Of course, mommy cried!

We take walks along the beach with Ollie and it’s so fun watching him play with dogs and in the water. Todd walked away and he wouldn’t leave our side, he just hung out with us - he’s been our protector since we brought her home.

We went to the zoo with our cousins (her second time going) and she loves looking at the trees and flowers. We went in the butterfly garden and the butterflies must have liked her (or the hat) because they kept landing on her head.


Bath Seat - Once she was able to comfortably sit up we transitioned her to this bath. I like the extra support it has in the tub. She loves bath time and playing with her toys. (I feel like it goes without saying, but there is a warning to never leave your child unattended in it.)

Baby Joy Walker - Once she started to get comfortable with her activity center and her legs were stronger we got her this. And she loves the freedom to be able to move around. Although, she’s used to going backwards and starting to get the hang of moving forward.

Baby Paper - She has always loved toys that make this crunchy noise so I figured she would love it and oh man she does! It keeps her occupied and she doesn’t seem to get bored with it.

Snooze Shade - I heard from several people how great this cover was and it really is! It’s universal so it can fit on most car seats or strollers. It’s well ventilated but keeps it dark when naps have to be on the go. She loves it being dark!


It can be summed up as being present. We want to soak up each moment with you and not miss a moment. Time is flying by way too fast. I’m working on putting down the phone (except during work hours - while she naps.) I noticed while eating breakfast scrolling through instagram that she was looking at me and smiling while she played. Mom guilt sank in and I don’t want her to always remember me looking down at my phone.