You're engaged and planning your wedding! You may have already picked a date, chose the venue, or booked your florist. Now is the time to decide who will be part of your wedding day. Of course, you would include all 25 of your best friends, cousins and nieces if you could. But too many bridesmaids and groomsmen can be chaotic, distractive and take the focus away from both of you on your wedding day. 

  1.  Maid of Honor & Best Man: First, you need to decide who your maid of honor will be or if she is married, matron of honor. The bride's sister typically is the maid of honor, however some brides are close to a best friend. And that's totally fine, I'm sure your sister will understand. If you have two sisters and can't decide, have them both your maid or matron of honors. Keep in mind who will be responsible for what when delegating tasks, because sometimes it can cause confusion...and who needs that on the wedding day? The same goes for the groom, his brother or friend are often asked to be the best man. Communication is key when getting things done and you should let me know what you expect throughout the wedding process.
  2. Keep it close: Are they your BFF's? Do you spend a lot of time together? Do you talk once a year but feel obligated by how long you've known each other? If the bride has brothers, they are normally included in the groomsmen party and vice versa with the groom's sisters. For those family members that are younger or teenagers, they are often referred to as junior bridesmaids or junior groomsmen. These are important things to consider and discuss when making your decision. 

  3. Budget Conscious: Consider the financial responsibilities of the bridal party. They typically pay for their clothing, shoes, makeup and hair. This can cost several hundreds of dollars and adds up quickly. Consider those on a budget who may not be able to afford the expenses. Be sure to discuss it with them so there isn't any miscommunication later. 

  4. Responsibilities: You want your bridal party to be fun but will also take your wedding seriously! The last thing you want is a drunk bridesmaid or groomsmen disappear moments before the ceremony. Think about those that will be there to help you and alleviate stress, rather than create it.

  5. The Little One's: When choosing your flower girl or ring bearer consider those who can throw petals, carry your train or the rings. Depending on their ages, the intimidation of guests, nap time or being overwhelmed can lead to meltdowns. But don't worry if the ring bearer doesn't make it down the aisle or the flower girl panics and forgot to throw the petals. Your day is beautiful no matter what!

  6. Be Sensitive: If you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, ask them to be ushers, program attendants, or readers. I'm sure they would love to be part of the day!

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