Today, I wanted to share with a tool with you that will CHANGE your life when planning your wedding! As a bride once myself, I know how overwhelming the whole process can be. You don't know where to even begin...when do we start looking at venues? How do we determine a budget? Who should we invite? We could probably chat all day with a list of questions, right?

That's why when I heard of Hello Bride, I reached out to this mother-daughter team and wanted to get my hands on their stuff.  They have wedding planning tools to help you prioritize, organize and customize. I don't know about you but I love to check things off my to-do list and this helps you be super productive!


This tabbed 3-ring binder is filled with so many helpful tips all in one place. They also have other notepads to help you write down your ideas and vision for your beautiful wedding day. 


What brides are saying...

"This is absolutely perfect! It's extremely helpful for planning a wedding, and the inserts are perfect for putting all vendor information on. It got here fast, and was exactly how I wanted it." - Kristiane 


So shop around, grab a cup of coffee and start planning that beautiful wedding of yours!