I don't know about you but I crave hamburgers. They are one of my weaknesses! But the red meat isn't healthy to consume as often as I would like. So an alternative that we enjoy at home that tastes just as good and low in fat is ground turkey meat. It's hard to find the perfect turkey burger, that's not too plain. So I created this turkey pickle burger that's juicy and filled with amazing creamy garlic cheese. I'm getting hungry just writing about it, so let's get cooking!

Turkey Pickle Burger
Turkey Pickle Burger


The ingredients are really simple and quick to put together. 

1lb of low fat ground turkey meat 5oz Boursin garlic & herbs gournay cheese Jar of pickles (your brand preference) 1/4tsp seasoning mixture (I use Trader Joes, 21 seasoning mix) 1tsp cayenne pepper (if you like spice, adjust accordingly. It also speeds up your metabolism!) Toppings: lettuce, tomato, onions...what ever you like! Buns or lettuce wrap


Chop 6 pickles or more if you'd like extra crunch or flavor in your burger. Combine cheese, pickles and seasoning with the ground turkey. Mix together until cheese and seasoning is all throughout the meat. Gently shape mixture into burgers about 1/2" thick. Depending on the size, it should make 6-8 burgers.

Pan-fry, broil or grill turning once cooking 5-7 minutes each side.  An instant read thermometer should be 165F. Put inside a warm bun or crisp lettuce wrap and add your favorite toppings. That's it, enjoy your garlic turkey pickle burger!

I hope you enjoy them, these are definitely a hit at our house!

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Garlic Turkey Pickle Burger Recipe
Garlic Turkey Pickle Burger Recipe