I don't know about you guys but the summer heat and weather has dried out my skin like crazy. It's no secret that exfoliating your body smoothes your skin and scrubs away dead skin. But did you know that dry brushing can help diminish cellulite, improve skin texture and blood circulation? This new beauty routine has me hooked and my skin feeling silky smooth. Below are some different brushes and ways you can incorporate this game changing beauty secret into your routine. Trust me your skin will thank you!


No matter the shape or size over 97% of women have cellulite. Rather than hide our legs and arms, we can improve the texture of our skin while boosting our self confidence.

How it works

Did you know our skin is a major organ of detoxification, just like our liver, colon and kidneys? The lymphatic system excretes over one third of our body's daily impurities through our skin. Dry brushing is a fast and effective way of keeping our skin in perfect condition.

How to use

The best time to dry brush is in the morning (preferably after a morning workout). Start from your feet and use small upward strokes, always brushing towards the heart. Be sure to avoid areas of the skin that are irritated. When you get to your stomach brush in a clockwise circular motion (the same direction as your digestive system). Pay close attention to your problem areas and brush longer to improve the circulation and blood flow, helping to release those lumpy areas.

Brushing can be invigorating to the skin, leaving it rosy and flush! Give it a try a few days a week for as little as 3 or 4 minutes. You can eventually work your way up to 10-20 minutes if you would like to focus on those problem areas. After your shower be sure to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Where to buy

I personally love the mio body brush because of the massage nodules and the easy to grip shape!

Aromatherapy AssociatesRound Body Brush Eco Tools Body Brush

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