Today will be one of my first few personal posts. Not that I have anything against them, but I usually prefer posting about my amazing clients and telling their stories through the images I take. And of course, the DIY projects that fill our house. Which I have some ideas cooking, so stay tuned!  Christmas is my favorite holiday. To me, it's all about traditions that remind us of growing up. When the leaves start falling and the air turns crisp, I feel the anticipation and excitement of Christmas coming. I love the sweet smell of Mom's cookies baking, picking out the perfect tree on my birthday, decorating with the lovely music in the background, and the joy of strangers shopping in the hustle and bustle.

But most importantly Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ. Of course we all love presents, both giving and receiving. But we should also be fulfilled with the presence of Christ. That little boy in the manger, grew into a man, who saved us all. So when we turn on the Christmas tunes and sing our little hearts out, remember that the words we sing, are about a real story. However each of our traditions go, remember to include the person who Christmas is all about.

My little brother got me this snow globe years ago and I just love it.

What photographer doesn't have a vintage camera hanging on their tree?

I got this manger as a gift last year, and just the lantern lights up. We have it in our front little window and at night that's all you see looking in. It casts a pretty shadow.

My mom saw this at a friends house and gave me the idea. It's about 15 ornaments hanging at different lengths over our kitchen island. It makes a statement.

And of course, our home isn't complete without Zeke.