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Orange County Newborn Photography
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Orange County Newborn Photography
Orange County Newborn Photography
Orange County Newborn Photography
Orange County Newborn Photography


This month was a lot of milestones and firsts for baby girl. And as always our little girl goes with the flow. She was so ready to start eating solids that she was literally trying to grab food out of my hands and would chew when she watched us eat. She’s loved all the foods she’s tried, but sweet potatoes seem to be a favorite (just like mommy!) I could hardly believe what I was hearing just a few days before Mother’s day when she started to say mama. We took her to her first swim class and she loved it. No cries at all…she is a water baby for sure. She’ll be out surfing with daddy in no time.

We went on our first trip and I’ll have to admit I was a little anxious even though she always does so good when we’re out and about. She loved going on the boat and people watching as we walked around town. Her little gummy smile is contagious and has strangers waving as they walk by. We rented a boat and she actually fell asleep for the majority of our time on the water. It must have been the rocking! Our first night was a little hard for her to adjust so we were up every few hours with her popping in the pacifier. (something we’re not used to with this good sleeper, so we’ll take it.) After that night she slept as long as she does back home. She sits up on her own with no assistance and love watching her be more independent. I put a basket of toys in front of her and she grabs one out, talks about it and moves onto the next. It’s so amazing to see her personality and conversations with her grow!

We joined a stroller strides group and I love it. She gets to be out and enjoy the fresh air while mama gets some exercise. We also signed up for a mommy and me class which has been so fun to watch her interact and talk with the other babies her age.

Of course, this month flew by. It was month I didn’t want to come (half a year) because my baby doesn’t feel like a baby anymore. I know some people say that’s crazy but any new mom will agree and say the same thing.


This month we went on a trip so a few of these were necessities but we’ll continue to use throughout the rest of the summer. And as always, I generally get gender neutral options so they can be used for our next baby, too.

Baby Bjorn Mini - We’ve been using this for a few months now and love it. It the beginning she was too small for it, which is why the Solly wrap worked better. But now I stick her in this when we’re going to be out and the stroller isn’t necessary. It’s great for traveling when you need both hands. We brought it with us to Catalina and it made everything SO easy since we didn’t bring the stroller. We were doing a lot of walking and hiking around. Since she’s very observant and wants to see everything, I face her out. But when I know she’s getting tired I’ll turn her to face me and she falls right to sleep. We’ll be using this up until she hits the 25 pound mark.

Nested Bean - We transitioned her out of the Merlin’s Magic sleep suit once she started rolling over. Although, the first week was rough (she went from sleeping 10 hours to waking up every few hours wanting to be soothed) but this sleep sack helped. I think she was so used to being cuddled with the Merlin that she felt less secure without it. The weighted egg on the chest is supposed to resemble the touch of a hand. She’s now adjusted and back to sleeping 10-12 hours in her crib and I think this has a lot to do with it.

Pop up tent - This was so awesome to easily pop up to use while on vacation by the pool. With UPF 50+ she was able to lay inside it without getting sunburned and window cut outs for a breeze. We will be using this all summer by the pool and at the beach.

Inflatable canopy float - Another must-have we will use all summer at the pool. This has a canopy that covers her little arms from getting sunburned. (She also wears a rashguard, too.) As with any water related item, I never took my eyes off her in this.

Sunglasses - These had such great reviews and has the extra attachment so it stays on their head. She actually wore them the whole time on our trip and didn’t try to pull them off.

Bib/Apron - Since she has started eating, this covers her completely so she doesn’t get food all over her clothes. And the food wipes off so easily and dries quickly after being cleaned, too.


It can be summed up as so much joy! This girl lights up our world and couldn’t imagine life any other way now. We finally have consistent routines with mornings, naps and bedtimes and it’s some of my favorite moments. The simple things each day bring so much happiness with our baby girl!

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