I'm a huge believer that change is good. When it comes to design, you can transform the home you live in to a home you love. We spend so much time in the living room lounging, reading a good book, entertaining guests and watching television, so it should feel the most comfortable and inviting!

That's why I created a list of 5 things everyone can do to update their living room in a day. Let's get started!

1. Hang Frames

One of the most important transformations of the living room is by hanging frames. Hanging artwork instantly makes a room feel more lived in and cozy. It also absorbs sound so a space acoustically doesn't sound empty or echo. The possibilities are endless with gallery walls, a large canvas or just a few frames.


* Frames - Target *

In design it's best to follow the rule of odds. For example, if you're hanging a few frames, use 3 or 5.

You can also quickly update the look of your living room by changing out the prints to coincide with the season. For summer you can do images of the beach, water, sand, etc.

2. Change Knobs

If you have a media cabinet, coffee table or end table...anything with knobs, change them up! You can update the look instantly to add style or a pop of color. AnthropologieWorld Market and Hobby Lobby have a great selection and so many designs to choose from.


* Frames: Michaels & Hobby Lobby *

I added these brass pulls and corner brackets to change the look and feel of our IKEA dresser turned media cabinet.

3. Pillows

Our eyes go straight to pillows on the sofa. They are inviting, adding texture and warmth. There are so many styles, designs and patterns to choose from. You can add pops of color to a neutral sofa or add patterns for each season.

Pillows can get expensive quickly, however if you buy just the inserts you can change out the cover without having to buy a new pillow. Pottery Barn and IKEA have covers and inserts sold separately at two different price points.

5 things everyone can do to update their living room
5 things everyone can do to update their living room

* Pillows: World Market & IKEA *

4. Rug

A rug can instantly define the space in the living room. It warms up the living room by adding texture and style. To brighten up a space you can add a very light neutral rug that can make the space feel airy. With a very large room you are free to add more pattern or color that will define the area and balance the room. There are so many different textures and designs, you can find the perfect rug for any room!


*Rug: IKEA / Sofa: Macy's / Chair: Pier 1 Imports

When selecting a rug keep in mind how it will be used. If it's a very high foot traffic area, you want something easy to clean that can be vacuumed often. Also, always purchase a rug pad. It will not only extend the life of your rug but can prevent damage to your floor.

5. Curtains

Curtains can transform the living room by adding not only privacy but warmth, color and also frame the window. There are so many different fabric options to choose from. Go with a sheer fabric to allow a lot of light while a textured fabric can visually add weight and balance a large scale room.

5 things everyone can do to update their living room in a day
5 things everyone can do to update their living room in a day

* Curtains and rod: IKEA *

Depending on the height you hang the curtain rod, long curtains can make the window and walls appear taller. 

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