Orange County wedding photographer wedding flower tips

When it comes to planning the wedding day, staying on budget is critical. Investing in a wedding photographer to document the day and tell your story, is one of the most important decisions you can make. However, saving money in other ways is possible while still having beautiful flowers for your wedding.

  • Prioritize to gain perspective.
    People often think if they skimp on flowers, they will save a lot of money. While this may be true, there are other ways to cut costs without ditching the flowers. The florals will set the tone and theme of the wedding and are a focal point that completes the look of the day.

  • Choose a venue that’s landscaped beautifully. Venues with gardens or a lot of greenery can make for a beautiful backdrop. This helps you save on florals, because your wedding is already surrounded by nature's beauty.
  • Choose simple florals for the bridal party. Spend more on your bridal bouquet, because you are the bride! Your bridal bouquet is the most seen throughout the day. It’s used for detail shots with the rings, the dress, invitations and during your bridal portraits. Choose more simple designs for the girls bouquets and the guys boutonniere's.
  • Use seasonal flowers. Out of season flowers can really increase the price since they are harder to come by. If you have your heart set on peonies in the fall, just put them only in your bridal bouquet instead! Or ask your florist for something similar to the look of what you want, they would love to help you.
  • Use fillers. It seems to be a trend that more brides are choosing fillers for their bridal bouquet and centerpieces. It can be simple and make a statement, yet still be affordable. Some popular fillers are baby's breath, ferns, stargazers and seeded Eucalyptus.

I hope this helps you and your budget as you plan your beautiful wedding day! xoxo