Orange County Wedding Photographer - Blue Bridal Shoes

You are on the hunt for the perfect bridal shoes for your beautiful wedding day. You probably have spent hours scouring the internet (especially Pinterest) for shoe inspiration! But before you buy, here are some things to consider...

  1. A bride should only wear white.
    The days of traditional white heels are gone! Bride's are choosing what THEY want, because after all it is their wedding.  Colorful, patterned, sparkly...I've seen it all. In fact, I wore ivory and teal heels with a peacock feathered print on my wedding day. They were exactly my style, reflected my personality and I LOVED them! 
  2. You only wear them once.
    If you really like a pair of bridal shoes and they are inexpensive, bonus! But this is the one time you can justify splurging on that shiny pair of Jimmy Choos that you have been eyeballing for a while. This is your wedding day we're talking about here! You will have these forever and reminisce the day you danced the night away with your husband. *While they are a pretty price tag and higher quality than a pair of Payless shoes, heels can still be uncomfortable. Work them in by wearing them a few times leading up to the big day. The last thing you want is blisters on your honeymoon!*
  3. Beauty is pain.
    You don't have to wear heels as a bride. Take into consideration comfortability and style. If you're the type of girl that never wears heels then why should you be uncomfortable on the best day ever? There are so many options for bridal shoes, from flats to cowboy boots...the possibilities are endless.
  4. Everyone else is doing it.
    Be yourself. If you're the kind of girl that can wear sky high heels, rock it! If you're the kind of girl that will be line dancing all night, wear you're favorite boots! You can even choose two pairs of shoes, one for the ceremony and other for the reception. Most often the prettiest shoes look great for detail shots and for the ceremony. While, the flats or flip flops are for being comfortable and dancing all night.
Orange County wedding photographer -Benjamin Adams Sparkly Heels at the Terranea Resort