Have you been to a wedding or event and seen those cool geofilters you can use on Snapchat? Because my brides love when I share helpful resources with wedding planning - I wanted to share this with you.  Last year, I hosted a party for the AW Bride Tribe (a community of newly engaged brides.) We made floral crowns, shopped and I showered them with gifts at Happily Ever Etched.


I used Photoshop to create a custom geofilter because I didn't like the templates Snapchat had.

So that's why I was excited when Wedding Chicks now has cute pre-made Snapchat templates for you to use. You can pick a template, customize the text and location for the geofilter and that’s it! I don’t know about you, but the wedding planning is already time consuming enough so this a lifesaver! This isn’t just for the wedding either....you can make it for your bridal shower or the bachelorette, too!


Go to Wedding Chicks now to create your custom filter and check one more thing of the to-do list.

Feel free to share this with your engaged friends who use Snapchat!